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Land Stewardship - a NICOLE & Common Forum publication

The current way of production, use of resources, land and natural capital is not sustainable. Transitions in energy, mobility, circular economy, food production and city development are needed. This paradigm shift cries out for a change in mind set. We need to transform towards a restorative and circular economy. Land restoration, land use and land management (land stewardship) are the key in this transformation.

Land Stewardship is still at an early stage in its development. The booklet is a first step to show how the concept of land stewardship can be helpful in the creation of an approach to sustainably use and protect our soils. NICOLE and Common Forum acknowledge the added value of the concept of land and soil stewardship and also agree that there are points of discussion e.g. legal matters. Both want to explore how this concept may lead to new insights in soil policy. This exercise could lead to a joint position paper on land stewardship. The case studies provide a promising start.

Booklet Land Stewardship - Investing in the Natural, Social and Economic Capital of Industrial Land

Soil-Related Sustainable Development Goals - Four Concepts to make Land Degradation Neutrality and Restoration Work

Land 2018, Volume 7, Issue 4, 133
Keesstra S., G. Mol, J. de Leeuw, J. Okx, C. Molenaar, M. de Cleen, S. Visser

To avoid further land degradation and promote land restoration, multifunctional use of land is needed within the boundaries of the soil-water system. Healthy soil is essential to achieve our societal challenges. Stakeholders are not always aware of the importance of a good working soilwater system as a basis for their societal goals. Through several international workshops a dialogue to connect stakeholders with soil and land claims was started. The gained experiences were summarized in an article which has recently been published.


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