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 CLARINET - Contaminated Land Rehabilitation Network for Environmental Technologies

CLARINET was a Concerted Action within the Environment & Climate Programme of the European Commission DG Research, and was co-ordinated by Umweltbundesamt, the Austrian Environment Agency.

The project started on 1.7.1998 and finished on 30.6.2001.

CLARINET brings together the combined knowledge of academics, government experts, consultants, industrial land owners and technology developers. It provides a thematic network on interdisciplinary research, integrating technological, societal and economical aspects for contaminated land management. Overall, 16 European Countries were participating in this project with various types of stakeholders.


The primary objective of the Concerted Action CLARINET is to develop technical recommendations for sound decision making concerning the rehabilitation of contaminated sites in Europe.

CLARINET analysed current approaches on scientific, environmental and socio-economic topics related to contaminated land management. Priority research needs have been identified in this area and further co-ordinated R&D activities, both on a European and a national level stimulated.

This primary objective can be broken down into three activities:

  • to analyse key-issues in decision making processes and to identify research needs relevant for the sound management of contaminated land problems in Europe. This analysis should integrate risk assessment, decision support issues and remediation technologies in a "system" approach, considering various underlying policy aspects.
  • to create and maintain a network for exchange of information on available methods, technologies and policy approaches
  • to stimulate international co-operation especially concerning RTD issues.


Final results from the CLARINET Network available:

Hosted by: Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria) 1090 Vienna - Austria
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