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 Joint NICOLE - COMMON FORUM Workshop 2010

Trieste, Italy, 05-07 July 2010

With the support of
Il Consorzio per lo
sviluppo industriale della
zona dell'Aussa-Corno

Contaminated land management:
opportunities, challenges and financial consequences of
evolving legislation in Europe

The members of the COMMON FORUM and NICOLE share a commitment towards responsible contaminated land management. The different backgrounds lead to a diversity of perspectives on how best to manage contaminated land. The Common Forum members are by definition very involved in building and structuring the legislative framework, whereas the NICOLE members are putting it into practise in their daily work. In order to improve insight in each others perspectives and, with that, improve mutual understanding, NICOLE and Common Forum agreed to have a joint workshop. Currently a number of European Directives relevant for contaminated land is entering or approaching the stage of transposition to national regulation. This will definitely lead to changes that will affect contaminated land management in EU Member States. Both regulators as well as the private sector should be prepared for these changes. To discuss all these aspects and consequences the joint workshop, which was held in Trieste, Italy, from Monday 5 to Wednesday 07 July 2010.

The evolving legislation discussed

The Directives we discussed in the workshop are the Waste Directive (including the REACH perspective), the IPPC Directive (and the Industrial Emissions Directive), the Water Framework Directive, in particular the Groundwater Daughter Directive and the link to Environmental Quality Standards (EQS), and the Soil Framework Directive.

Key questions

Tthe discussion focused on the following key questions:

  • What are the main considerations in the decisions during the revision and the
  • What is the impact of the evolving legislation on the emerging field of sustainable remediation?
  • What will be the opportunities for the implementation of innovative technologies?
  • What will be the opportunities for cost-effective risk-based land management?
  • How to deal with the nuances in the different Directive?

Workshop program, report, slides and abstracts

Organising committee:

Arthur de Groof (NICOLE, OC co-chair)
John Waters (NICOLE)
Jean-Louis Sévêque (NICOLE)
Anja Sinke (NICOLE)
Ian Heasman (NICOLE)
Dominique Darmendrail (COMMON FORUM, OC co-chair)
Marijke Cardon (COMMON FORUM)
Francesca Quercia (COMMON FORUM)

Hosted by: Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria) 1090 Vienna - Austria
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