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Members of the Common Forum regularly meet. Here are the reports and presentations from previous meetings and information for meetings in preparation.

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Vienna, Austria
April 12-13, 2017


Meeting Agenda and information
V2 - 14 04 2017
(PDF file - 752 KB)

Meeting report
(PDF file - 1 227 KB)

2nd meeting COMMON FORUM
Working Group "Soil as a resource"

Draft agenda v.2
(PDF file - 72 KB)

© Bernhard Groeger/Umweltbundesamt

See also: Oslo 1st COMMON FORUM Working Group "Soil as a resource" report


Day 1 - Session 1 - Welcome and general matters

Welcome and general issues
D. Darmendrail
(PDF file - 1 427 KB)

AUSTRIA – where we stay, what we need for the future
D. Müller-Grabherr
(PDF file - 1 632 KB)

Day 1 - Session 2 – European Soil Agenda

Conclusions of the inventory report regarding contamination
B. Peeters
(PDF file - 509 KB)

See also: "Updated Inventory and Assessment of Soil Protection Policy Instruments in EU Member States"
Ecologic Institute, Berlin - Final report - 08 february 2017
(via: ec.europa.eu)

Day 1 - Session 3 – European and International cooperation

Taief Mission by Common Forum members-Malaysia
E. van Dyck, A. Bieeber & C. Molenaar
(PDF file - 2 529 KB)

Latin-American Network on Prevention and Management of Contaminated Sites (ReLASC)
A. Constantin
(PDF file - 1 000 KB)

See also: La ReLASC y el COMMONFORUM refuerzan su colaboración
(via: www.relasc.org)

Industrially Contaminated Sites and Health Network (ICSHNet) Cost Action
J. Frauenstein
(PDF file - 258 KB)

Booklet "Land: a valuable resource"
(PDF file - 511 KB)

A possible future for EUGRIS
P. Bardos
(PDF file - 231 KB)

Day 1 - Session 4 – COMMON FORUM 2030 – where do YOU see/wish the network to be?

COMMON FORUM 2030 - Where do YOU see/wish the network to be?
D. Müller-Grabherr
(PDF file - 552 KB)

Providing support in relation to the implementation of the EU Soil Thematic Strategy
G. Siebelec
(PDF file - 558 KB)

Day 1 - Session 5 – Common Forum Activities & next secretariat

CF Vienna Working group “Soil as a resource” Scope and Organization
C. Molenaar and M. de Cleen
(PDF file - 834 KB)

Day 2 - Session 6 – Country information

IED implementation – Return to the initial state in Germany - Current status
J. Frauenstein
(PDF file - 616 KB)

Contaminated sites with POP - Need of remediation and remediation goals within the implementation of the Stockholm Convention
C. Wermeille
(PDF file - 694 KB)

Harmonization of human health risk assessment in Belgium (S-RISK) Questions about risk management
M. Jailler
(PDF file - 658 KB)

Day 2 - Session 7 – Highlights, initiatives and updates in CLM

Aligning EU legislation with Minamata - Need for EU-legislation
A. Bieber
(PDF file - 190 KB)

REMTECH Europe – Market and technologies
J. Reinikainen
(PDF file - 534 KB)

International & European standardisation - Update 2017-04
D. Müller-Grabherr
(PDF file - 354 KB)

Message from Ana Paya Perez
B. Peeters
(PDF file - 127 KB)


J. Bouma
Soil science contributions towards Sustainable Development Goals and
their implementation: linking soil functions with ecosystem services

J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 2014, 177, 111–120
(via: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

S.D. Keesstra, J. Bouma, J. Wallinga, P. Tittonell, P. Smith, A. Cerdà, L. Montanarella, J.N. Quinton, Y. Pachepsky, W.H. van der Putten, R. D. Bardgett, S. Moolenaar, G. Mol, B. Jansen, and L. O. Fresco
The significance of soils and soil science towards realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
SOIL, 2, 111–128, 2016
(via: www.soil-journal.net)

J. Bouma and L. Montanarella
Facing policy challenges with inter- and transdisciplinary soil research focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
SOIL, 2, 135–145, 2016
(via: www.soil-journal.net)

Sustainable development in the European Union
A Statistical glance from the viewpoint of the UN sustainable development goals

ISBN 978-92-79-61911-3 - 2016 edition
(via: http://bookshop.europa.eu)


click on pictures to see enlarged views - Pictures by courtesy of D. Müller-Grabherr

COMMON FORUM meeting 12 to 13 April 2017 in Vienna (Austria) - Attendees
Hosted by: Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria) 1090 Vienna - Austria
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