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17 January 2023

Zero Pollution Monitoring and Outlook 2022

EU-wide Zero Pollution Monitoring and Outlook Reports have been published in December 2022 which offer a snapshot on the current state of pollution for air, water and soil in the EU. Inside the package is the the Zero pollution outlook 2022, with high-level synthesis contribution and key findings on soil.

The monitoring and outlook are documented in three parts:


Western Balkans Soil Partnership

Under the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, the creation of a sub-regional soil partnership was foreseen and has been established in November 2022.

The partnership is created to preserve, protect and restore the soils in the Western Balkan region and aims to mobilize and involve, thus unite, all stakeholders and institutions in the region

  • to identify and restore degraded soils to improve productivity and the provision of ecosystem services;
  • to improve national/regional technical capacity, in particular, soil monitoring and advisory;
  • to enhance public awareness about the importance of soil while ensuring broad stakeholder involvement.


New NICOLE Website

The renewal of the NICOLE website forms part of the 25 years celebration. Its look convey what NICOLE stands for: an informal network of professional peers aiming to sustainably and efficiently manage and clean up contaminated land. The vision is to build on the concept of circularity in land management by integrating the natural, social, and economic capital of industrial land.

The new visual appearance of NICOLE reflects this new vision, starting with the logo, its social media presence, the website, as well as, the members’ portal for effective collaboration and communication.


2nd International Congress on PFAS – Call for Papers

2nd International Congress on PFAS - Management of Environmental & Health Risks | 13-14 June 2023, Paris, France. View the themes and submit your application until 20 February 2023 under this